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Today, wall painting is again popular. For a long time, house owners have preferred wallpaper, but now, it became clear that coloring has many advantages. Firstly, with the help of color schemes, people can pick the perfect shade. Secondly, the surface finishing technique is a much simpler and more affordable way, as opposed to gluing wallpaper.

This type of finishing in the interior makes a room not only attractive but also creative due to a wide range of decorative techniques. Wall decoration ideas are not limited to monochromatic paint; other original décor options will create a beautiful interior.

Pluses and Minuses of Wall Painting

At first glance, this is the simplest type of finishing. The market offers a wide range of types of interior paints that do not have an unpleasant smell and dry quickly. There are some things to consider when dealing with finishing.


  • Large selection of paint colors;
  • Fbsence of harmful fumes during material drying;
  • Theoretically, it is possible to cope with the process yourself;
  • It is easy to create a simple décor using a template and a textured roller.


  • A preparatory process is very difficult;
  • A color emphasizes wall unevenness;
  • When repainting, the previous layer will need to be removed.

Main Preparatory Stages

Painting is one of the wall decoration options that has been used for many decades and still remains relevant. Painted indoor surfaces are easy to keep clean. In addition, with a proper finish, such walls look quite beautiful and original. But before painting, the walls must be prepared for this. The order of work is as follows:

  1. Cleaning walls from old coatings, if any. It is important to remove old wallpaper, peeling other materials. If the step is avoided, materials can be visible through a clean layer of paint, which will ruin the whole work;
  2. Puttying, which will level walls and ensure its plain surface without defects. Putty is applied in 1-2 layers, the second is the final one;
  3. Priming allows ensuring a more even paint application. Also, primer increases adhesion and is applied under putty;
  4. Treating walls with antiseptics, agents against the appearance of fungus, mold may be required.

Each stage of wall preparation is performed sequentially; it is important to wait until the layer of one material is completely dry before applying another one. Skilled workers know this procedure well and will perfectly cope with the task.

Types of Paints

Now, let’s see what kinds of products exist and are offered on the market. All paints are divided into alkyd, emulsion, and textured goods.

Alkyd products are further subdivided into alkyd resin-based, oil, and enamel ones.

Among Emulsion products, they distinguish acrylic, latex, and water-based emulsion paints.

Textured paints look unusual if compared to ordinary finished walls. The product is suitable for creating unique house interior designs. It is produced on a mineral, silicone, acrylic base.

Each type of product is suitable for various purposes. For instance, Alkyd resin-based goods can be used for bedroom or living room decoration, while textured substances look perfect in offices and dining rooms due to their original composition with filler particles.

What Company to Entrust the Process?

Although many people say that it is easy to apply this type of finishing, still, it is advisable to address specialized workers who know everything about the issue and will help pick the best interior paint and achieve the desired result.

If you want to find a painting company “near me” and learn a service cost, contact the agency. Experienced managers will answer your questions and instruct you throughout the whole process of cooperation.


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