Renovations and repairs

All-Can Instalation Services Inc have a wealth of experience in renovating and repairing out kitchens and bathrooms for residential and commercial buildings.

The correct process sequence is essential for any repair, no matter how difficult it is. Bathtub and kitchen renovation requires careful compliance with a plan since if work stages are not completed in order, you can ruin the whole repair process. It is impossible, for example, to finish walls and floors, and only then think about replacing wiring and pipes.


Surely, you have spent more than one evening studying modern ideas for kitchen renovation. Fashion magazines and publics on social networks dedicated to interior design ideas are, of course, great. But when starting renovating a kitchen, beautiful pictures will not tell you what to consider, give valuable advice, or warn against mistakes. Still, if you decide to cope with the process yourself, you’ll have to undergo the following stages:

  1. Dismantle old doors, partitions, tiles, floor coating;
  2. Prepare walls and the ceiling;
  3. Construct and mount partitions;
  4. Install a new window;
  5. Route electrical wiring;
  6. Perform plumbing work;
  7. Lay tiles on an apron;
  8. Level walls, the floor, and the ceiling;
  9. Fill floor screed;
  10. Paint walls;
  11. Lay floor;
  12. Install a kitchen faucet and sink, furniture, countertops, household appliances;
  13. Do decorative works and create the desired interior.

This is a minimal list of tasks to be done. As you see, it is too complicated and troublesome to do it yourself.


The specificity of renovating a bathroom is, firstly, in the small size of the room, and secondly, in a large concentration of various devices and communications. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large bathtub, the first thing to do during the planning phase is to:

  • Decide on the design and style of the future washroom, pick a color scheme;
  • Decide what types of materials will be used in the decoration;
  • Inspect the plumbing and, if necessary, decide on replacement options;
  • Measure the parameters of the room (height, width, length) and calculate the area;
  • Think over the location of plumbing fixtures and other necessary details and draw a detailed plan. It is necessary to decide how and where all the appliances (a shower, a sink, washing machine, etc.) will be located.

The approximate work plan will be similar to the one compiled above for the kitchen.

Who can Help?

Although some people prefer to do kitchen or bathroom remodeling themselves to save some money, they spend more time, nerves, and effort on the process. So, the question is whether the saved money worth the effort and time spent on DIY repair. House repair is a complex and troublesome process.

Our company provides high-quality services at reasonable prices. The level of provided services meets our price policy. Here are several reasons to pick our team:

  • We carry out the whole range of renovation works (including cabinet repair), which is more profitable than contacting several contractors. Clients do not have to hire various service providers and coordinate their work. You get all the services in one place;
  • We pick the most suitable materials for your premises;
  • We use modern repair technologies;
  • We coordinate all the details with a customer to avoid misunderstandings and alterations;
  • Our workflow is clearly organized; a schedule has been agreed and approved in advance;
  • We negotiate an estimate in advance, conclude an agreement to avoid price increases in the course of works.

When it comes time to remodel the bathroom or kitchen, not all customers understand where to start and how to choose a team of builders. People want to entrust this responsible work to those who will repair rooms at an affordable price and ensure the highest quality. We guarantee an excellent result to our customers. Our clients are always satisfied with the services provided and new rooms. Contact our managers to learn a remodel cost and ask questions.


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