Do you feel pressed in your house? It doesn’t matter whether it was small for you all the time or you just overgrew it, if you come up with the idea to enlarge your living premises, it is a big work. The process is associated with a bunch of hustles. House owners will spend a lot of time and effort on the legalization of secondary suites. We offer you to endure the responsibilities connected with this procedure, while you’ll enjoy construction.

When trying to improve the comfort level of their homes, many owners of houses and apartments decide on reconstruction. But according to the law, permission must be obtained for reconstruction and redevelopment. Are there any exceptions to this rule? And how to legalize existing one if a permit has not been issued?

What is considered a renovation?

According to the current legislation, reconstruction is considered to be construction work affecting the supporting structures of a building and leading to a change in its appearance, technical and economic characteristics. Such works include:

  • Refurbishment of attics and basements;
  • Superstructure of additional floors; a technical construction plan;
  • Outbuilding construction;
  • Modernization of engineering networks.

To carry out the reconstruction, it is necessary to obtain permission. And after the end of the work, you must:

  1. Order a new technical plan for an apartment building (if we are talking about the reconstruction of a high-rise building), a private house, a premise (if the redevelopment has affected only an apartment), or a technical construction plan.
  2. Issue an act of putting the object into operation after reconstruction.
  3. Submit an application to a registry office to amend the information about the object.

Important! The technical plan after redevelopment or reconstruction must contain not only the new technical characteristics of the object, but also copies of the documents on the basis of which the construction work was carried out.

Can renovations be carried out without permission?

A renovation permit is required for the refurbishment of residential premises and buildings only. Garages, baths, outbuildings can be rebuilt without obtaining any permits. Also, no permission is required to carry out major repairs of a house or apartment, if supporting structures are not affected during the work, the facade is changed, and the technical and economic indicators of the object (area, number of stores, capacity of engineering networks) has not been changed.

What do we offer?

Dealing with all this kind of paperwork is a troublesome process. We are proficient in this task and know how to cope with it quicker and easier. Having been legalized dozens of projects, we know where to go and what the right sequence of steps is. So, we’ll make the process time-efficient and hustle-free. We are guaranteed to provide our clients with the following services:

  • Develop space and load efficient layout taking into all the construction features;
  • Listen to your expectations and needs and adjust the plan to them;
  • Prepare the relevant documents and submit them to the authorities;
  • Make a whole range of construction works on your site;
  • Provide a warranty for our services.

We’ll be glad to assist you throughout the process and help create second suites for your housing. Experienced employees will explain all the steps of our cooperation and help pick the best possible solution. Our team consists of professional lawyers, managers, constructors, and designers. So, we know how to legalize your suites correctly. Contact our managers to learn the details and appoint a consultation.


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